First Class



  • Land and Ocean                                                                                                     34

         Grilled New Zealand Lamb chops ad shrimp , served with Thai style E-Sarn tamarind BBQ dipping sauce , asparagus, grape tomatoes, and sticky rice.

  • Whole Red Snapper                                                                                               34
    Lightly battered fried Brazilian red snapper with our special three flavor sauce and sauteed spinach and mushroom.
  • Scallop Prik Thai Dum                                                                                           29
    Pan seared wild caught Maine scallops served with Thai lemongrass garlic and black pepper sauce, bedded with spinach.
  • Sea Bass Ginger                                                                                                     34
    Pan seared Chilean Sea Bass, asparagus, scallion, and fresh ginger served with our special light ginger soy broth.
  • Salmon Prik King                                                                                                   25
    Atlantic salmon pan seared topped with red curry paste sauce, green bean, grape tomato, asparagus, and kaffir lime leaves.
  • E Sarn Classic Grilled Chicken                                                                              21
    Classic Northeastern Thai style BBQ dish served with fresh papaya salad and sticky rice.
  • Pepper Steak                                                                                                          25
    Our signature sizzling hanging tender steak with chef special sauce, garlic black pepper and lemongrass, bell pepper, onion, served with egg fried rice.
  • Pad kra-pow nuah                                                                                                 25
         The Most common disk in Thailand, Ground flank steak sauteed with our traditional spicy basil sauce, green beans, bell pepper, and onion. Top with Thai style fried egg.


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